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We Are Committed to Healing Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds are ongoing skin wounds that simply won’t heal with standard care. These wounds need special care to heal. This is our specialty: to provide you with top-tier products that will assist you in your practice of treating Chronic Wounds.

Allograft Membrane Grafts

What are Skin Substitutes?

We represent several types of skin substitutes, which are a heterogeneous group of biologic, synthetic, or biosynthetic materials that can provide temporary or permanent cover of open skin wounds. Skin substitutes ideally possess the composition and function of skin or have the potential for autologous regenerative healing when applied to a wound.

Sometimes called Human dehydrated amniotic placental grafts, and are made up of amnion, derived from the amniotic lining of the placenta, preserving essential structural proteins and growth factors of the fetal basement membrane.

Promotes Healing, Reduces Pain

The wound healing properties of amniotic membrane contains a significant number of cytokines and essential growth factors that reduce pain when applied to a wound. They also enhance the wound healing process because they have antibacterial properties.

Allograft membrane patches are indicated as a wound covering and structural barrier and are used to promote healing while reducing the risk of infection.

Minimally Processed, Quality Assured

This is aseptically processed dehydrated human amnion-derived tissue placental matrix composed of amnion and chorion for use as an acute or chronic wound covering.

We exclusively utilize donor amniotic membrane from the lining of the placenta tissue following a scheduled cesarean section.

Processed through minimally manipulated techniques, retaining the native qualities of the amniotic membrane to function as a wound covering and as a structural barrier.

Healing Process Goal

Amnionic tissue Allografts can be placed on or around a wound to serve the same function that they do in utero, which is to cover, protect, and nourish the damaged tissue to promote healing.

Our DualGraft also helps to promote an environment for the wound to lower the growth of bacteria and reduce the rate of infection in Chronic Wounds. Specifically in Diabetic ulcers.

Available in the USA

We represent dehydrated human amnion membrane allografts derived from the amniotic lining of the placenta and are only intended for use in the United States.

A More Efficient Approach to Healing Chronic Wounds

The products we recommend are innovative biotechnology leaders in regenerative medicine through years of research, technology, and clinical application. These products expand the human body’s ability to regenerate by developing and manufacturing regenerative human cell and tissue medical technologies that are disrupting traditional, more invasive, painful, and expensive treatment protocols.

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